How does the Advanced Editor work?

For an overview of the Advanced Editor, please watch the video below:

To learn how to:

  • Start from a pre-made template: see 0:13
  • Configure email settings (e.g. subject): see 0:30
  • Use the content, structure and body tabs: see 1:00
  • Create an email: see 1:24
  • Re-arrange, clone and remove content: see 1:37
  • Add and edit images: see 1:55
  • Use the text editor: see 2:22
  • Add merge tags (otherwise known as personalization variables): see 2:31
  • Add a custom unsubscribe link: see 2:39
  • Add links: see 2:59
  • Save an email as a template: see 3:23
  • Preview your email on desktop and mobile: see 3:47
  • Send a test email: see 3:54

For a more detailed tutorial we also recommend downloading our guide.


What is the difference between the Advanced Editor and Basic Editor?

This question is answered here.

What is the file size limit for image uploads?

It is 12mb.

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