How does the Advanced Editor work?

To learn about the Advanced Editor, please watch the video below:

To learn how to:

  • Start from a pre-made template: see 0:13
  • Configure email settings (e.g. subject): see 0:30
  • Use the content, structure and body tabs: see 1:00
  • Create an email: see 1:24
  • Re-arrange, clone and remove content: see 1:37
  • Add and edit images: see 1:55
  • Use the text editor: see 2:22
  • Add merge tags (otherwise known as personalization variables): see 2:31
  • Add a custom unsubscribe link: see 2:39
  • Add links: see 2:59
  • Save an email as a template: see 3:23
  • Preview your email on desktop and mobile: see 3:47
  • Send a test email: see 3:54

You can also learn about the differences between the Advanced Editor and Basic Editor here.


Is there a file size limit for image uploads?

Yes, it is 12mb.

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