Trigger - Field Changed

This trigger allows you to add contacts to a Journey based on whether a particular field:

  • equals a value;
  • does not equal a value;
  • contains a value;
  • is greater than a value; or
  • is less than a value.

This is ideal for drip lead nurturing. A very basic example would be a Journey that adds contacts when their lead status changes to “nurture”:

To make your life even easier, new contacts who are added that meet the criteria will also immediately enter the Journey. Please bear this in mind when using the "does not equal" option, as any new contact who is added who does not meet that criteria will enter the journey.

The difference between this trigger and the Salesforce Field Changed trigger is that the Salesforce trigger queries Salesforce directly (which may be more convenient if you’re a heavy Salesforce user, and don’t want to map all of your fields to Autopilot).

However, if you’ve mapped your Salesforce fields to Autopilot’s fields, then the Field Changed trigger can also be used to trigger Journeys based on changes in Salesforce fields, once the change syncs with Autopilot (which occurs every 10 minutes).

Please note that this trigger does not yet support date operations. If you'd like to trigger a Journey based on a date field, please use a Smart Segment Trigger instead.

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