Trigger - Salesforce Field Changed

The Salesforce Field Changed trigger adds Salesforce Leads or Contacts if a particular field changes in Salesforce to match the criteria you specify. 

Please note that:

  • this trigger is not intended to be used to add existing contacts who met the criteria before the trigger was added to the Journey. If you'd like to do this, please map the field to Autopilot and use a Smart Segment trigger;
  • because Salesforce and Autopilot sync every 10 minutesthe trigger will fire approximately 10 minutes after the change occurs in Salesforce; and
  • because this trigger communicates directly with Salesforce, it works even if you haven't synced the field with Autopilot.

1. Drop the Field Changed trigger

2. Configure the trigger

To configure the trigger, first select whether you want to check the Lead or Contact table in Salesforce. Then select the field and what you'd like to check for.

For example, the below configuration would add any lead to the journey whose "Industry" field changes to "software":

3. Connect your trigger

Since there's a variety of ways you could use this trigger, here's an example of how you might connect it. The below Journey adds any lead in Salesforce whose lead status field changes to "nurture" to a very simple multi-touch nurture:

To make this Journey more advanced, you could use the Salesforce Field Check Condition to remove those leads whose status is no longer "nurture" before each touch.

See some more in-depth examples here.

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