Reports - Email

How to access email reports

Email reports can be accessed in three different ways. Each is designed to provide you with a unique perspective. Please note that reports are updated every 15 minutes.

1. From the Reports app

Go to the Reports app and then click "Email Reports":

By default this report shows you the performance of all emails across all Journeys. However, you can refine the report by specific (or multiple) Journeys and emails:

2. From the Journeys app

Go to the Journeys app and choose "Report" from the menu:

By default, this report will show you the performance of all emails in that Journey. 

3. From a Journey's Live View

Click the reports icon on a Send Email action on the Live View tab of a Journey:

This report will show you the performance of the email in that Journey. Note that the icon will only appear when there is data available.

What do the metrics mean?

Email reports are made up of several components. Below is an explanation of the metrics contained within those components, written from the perspective of viewing a report for a single email.

Delivery Report

The Delivery Report contains the following metrics:

Here's an example:


Performance Report

The Performance Report contains the following metrics:

  • Opens: numbers of contacts that opened the email.
  • Clicks: number of contacts that clicked a link in the email.
  • Unsubscribed: number of contacts that unsubscribed from the email.
  • Complaints: number of contacts who reported the email as spam.

Here's an example:


At the top of the report are:

  • Open Rate: percentage of contacts who were delivered the email that opened it.
  • Click Rate: percentage of contacts who were delivered the email that clicked a link in it. 
  • Clicks Per Unique Opens: percentage of contacts who opened the email that clicked a link in it.

Here's an example:

For insight into your performance over time, there is also a daily breakdown of clicks and opens:

You can export reports, or email them to you and your team on a scheduled basis.

Which time zone do the reports use?

Email reports use the PST time zone. This can't currently be changed.

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