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Trigger - HubSpot CRM Deal Stage Match

This trigger adds a contact associated with a HubSpot CRM deal to a Journey if the deal stage matches your criteria. To use this trigger you need to connect to HubSpot CRM in Settings

Both new and existing HubSpot CRM deals that meet your criteria are eligible. For example, if you configured the trigger as follows:



  • the contact associated with any new deal added with a stage of "Qualified to Buy" will enter the Journey; and
  • the contact associated with any existing deal that has its stage changed to "Qualified to Buy" will enter the Journey.

Once you've configured the trigger, you could create a Journey such as the following:



A contact met my criteria but didn't enter my Journey, why?

This may be because they don't have an email address. In Autopilot email address is our unique identifier. So to avoid adding duplicates we'll only add a contact via this trigger if they have an email address.