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Action - Add HubSpot CRM Deal

This action creates a HubSpot CRM deal and associates it a HubSpot CRM contact. If the contact that enters the action doesn't currently exist in HubSpot CRM then they will be added to HubSpot CRM as a new contact. To use this action you need to connect to HubSpot CRM in Settings.

You can use personalization variables to customize the deal name with Autopilot contact fields:


In the example above the contact's first name will be added to the deal's name.

When it comes to assignment of the deal, the default "Current Owner" option assigns the deal to the existing HubSpot CRM contact owner. If the contact doesn't yet exist in HubSpot CRM then the deal (along with the newly created contact) will be assigned to whoever connected Autopilot to HubSpot CRM.

You can also select a specific owner, or "round robin" assignment. Round robin assignment will assign each member of a group an equal amount of new deals over time. You can create a group from your HubSpot CRM users in Settings by following the steps demonstrated below:


You can then select the group on the action:



What happens if there is already a deal associated with the contact?

This action will create a new deal. If you wish to update an existing deal please use the Update Deal Stage action.