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Dashboard FAQ

What is the Dashboard?

Think of the Smart Dashboard ("Dashboard") as your air traffic control command center. It is divided into two sections: cards on the left, and the Activity Feed on the right. Each card is designed to help you get the most out of Autopilot and to improve your marketing.


How are "better than usual" and "lower than usual" determined on the email insight cards?

They are determined by an ongoing analysis of email performance data from your account, as well as other Autopilot customers' accounts.


What are integration cards and how can I remove them?

These cards suggest integrations which may be helpful to you and your team. They will be automatically removed when you use the integration, or if you're not interested in the integration, click dismiss on the bottom right of the card.


One of the cards says my Journey "needs a goal", what does this mean?

This card is referring to Autopilot's Insights functionality, which allows you to set a goal for a Journey and track its performance. We highly recommend setting a goal for all of your Journeys. Learn more here.


When I dismiss a card, does it remove it for my entire team?

No, it just removes it for you. This allows each team member to customize the Dashboard to their liking.

How do I bring back cards that I've dismissed?

Scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard and click this link:


How do I enable the insight cards?

The Dashboard insight cards require a sufficient amount of activity to have taken place before they can be displayed. Learn more here.


What does the percentage on the email delivery card mean?

It represents the percentage increase or decrease in the number of emails you sent in the last 30 days compared to the prior 30 days.