Trigger - Unsubscribed from Mailchimp Audience

This trigger adds a contact to a Journey when they are unsubscribed from a Mailchimp audience (previously referred to by Mailchimp as a "list").

To use this trigger you need to connect to Mailchimp in Settings. Once connected, you could create a Journey such as this one:


As demonstrated above, we recommend connecting this trigger to the:

  • Remove from List action, so the contact is removed from the related Autopilot list; and
  • Send Notification action, to alert your team via email or Slack when a contact unsubscribes. 

We also recommend using the Subscribed to Mailchimp Audience trigger to add contacts to your related lists in Autopilot when they subscribe in Mailchimp.


How do I unsubscribe an Autopilot contact from all emails when they are removed from a Mailchimp audience?

Connect the trigger to the Update Field action and configure it like so: