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Action - Send Delighted NPS Survey

This action sends a Delighted NPS survey via email or SMS.

How do I connect to Delighted?

1. Go to the Autopilot integration in Delighted and copy your Delighted API key.

2. Go to the Delighted integration in Autopilot and click "Connect to Delighted". Paste your Delighted API key.

3. Copy the Webhook URL from Autopilot.

4. Go to your Webhook settings in Delighted and create a webhook for “All responses” by pasting the Webhook URL.

5. Click "Send test" next to the webhook (this is necessary), and then scroll down and click "Save & turn on".

Here is a video demonstrated all of the steps above:


How does the action work?

Let's say you want to survey people 30 days after they become a customer to see how they are feeling about your product or service. You would do the following:


As demonstrated above, you can:

The contact will then receive the survey 30 days after they are added to the "Customers" list:


You can then use the Delighted NPS Response trigger to take action (e.g. send a follow up email) when the contact responds to your survey.

See our blog post for more examples of how you can use our Delighted integration. 


Where are responses and comments stored?

When you connect to Delighted we'll automatically add two custom fields: "Delighted NPS" and "Delighted NPS Comment". Responses and comments are automatically stored in these fields.

How can I segment contacts based on their responses?

Create a smart segment and then select the specific value or range that you'd like to target. For example, you could create a smart segment like the one below to find all of your promoters:


You can find Delighted's definition of "promoter", "passive" and "detractor" here.

Please note that this will only find contacts who responded to a survey after you connected Autopilot to Delighted.

How often can a contact be sent a survey?

Delighted has throttling in place to ensure that a contact is not sent more than one survey in a specified period (e.g. 30 days). This is particularly important to take into account when testing.

Please note, however, that Delighted does not currently have the ability to tell us that a survey wasn't sent because it was throttled. So if a contact enters this action more than once during the throttle period, you will still see a feed item in the Activity Feed saying the survey was sent. We apologize for any confusion this may cause, and will add a feed item noting that a survey wasn't sent because it was throttled as soon as Delighted makes this possible.