Rewards (Beta)

Rewards allow you to earn account credits in return for spreading the ❤️ about Autopilot.

You can access Rewards in Settings:


Please note that Rewards are in beta and are subject to change. If you're using this feature you'll be automatically notified of any changes.

Include referral link in emails

Enabling this option adds a link to Autopilot in the footer of all emails that you send:


At the end of each month that you have this setting enabled, you'll receive a 25% credit towards your account.

If this reward doesn't interest you, let us know what you'd prefer. We'd love your feedback.

Rewards Rules

  • Rewards can't be redeemed or refunded as cash. They can only be applied toward Autopilot subscriptions.
  • You can't transfer Rewards to different Autopilot accounts.
  • Rewards can only be used by Autopilot customers who are in good standing. If we have to close your account for any reason, you can't use your Rewards.
  • We can revoke your Rewards credits if you violate our usage policy.
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