I can't see any shapes on my Journey canvas

This is a known issue that our team is currently investigating as a priority. It is important that you follow the below instructions and do not open any Journeys until you have done so, otherwise you risk losing the connections between your shapes.

As a first step, let us know it's happening to you. Please include what you were doing when it started (if you remember) and a screenshot of the browser console if possible. We're actively trying to resolve this issue so all information is useful.

Next, clear your browser's cache. Refresh your browser and the problem should be resolved. If it's not, please let us know.

You can now use Journey undo to restore any connections you lost as a result of this issue. However, if you made a lot of changes since the last time the Journey was published, we recommend against this. Instead, you will need to re-draw the connections.

We thank everyone for their patience and will release an update to address this as soon as possible.

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