Send yourself a report via email on a scheduled basis

You can send you and your team members scheduled reports via email.

To do this, first go to the Reports app (or click through to a report from a Journey).

Next, apply any relevant filters (these will be applied to the report that is emailed to you). When you're ready, click the schedule button:

You can ignore the first step, "Dashboard Tabs":

Set the interval (e.g. daily) and then the time of day you'd like to receive the report:

Next click, "Add recipients or define custom subject and message". It's very important you do this because the default email address won't be yours (this is because our reports app is powered by GoodData, and your account is setup automatically with a default address):

Next enter your email address (if you'd like more than one person to receive the report, separate them by commas) and then click the "Schedule" button:

As noted in the screenshot above, the default address won't ever change, even after you've entered your email address. But you will see "1 other recipients" once you've added yourself (or more that 1, if you add others as well). 

You're done! At the time you specified, you will receive an email with the report as a PDF attachment.

If you want to stop receiving a specific report, click the link in the footer of the email:

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