Reports - Headsup

How to access Headsup reports

Headsup reports can be acccesed in three different ways:

1. From the Reports app

Navigate to the Reports app and then click "Headsup Reports":

2. From a Journey's Live View

Click the reports icon on a Headsup action on the Live View tab of a Journey: 

This report will display data for the specific message on the specific shape. This allows you to analyze the performance of the message at that particular step of the Journey. Note that this icon above will only appear when there is data available.

3. From the Headsup Message Manager

Click on any Headsup action on the canvas and then click "Manage Existing":

Then hover on a message and click the report icon:

By default, this report will show you the performance of the message across all Journeys.

What do the metrics mean?

Headsup reports are made up of the following metrics:

  • Added: number of contacts that entered the action.
  • Shown: number of contacts that were shown the message in its preview form:

  • Opened: number of contacts that hovered on the message to expand it:

  • Responded: number of contacts that took the action the message asked them to. This varies based on message type. For example, in the case of a "call to action" message type, a contact is counted as having responded when they click the button:

  • Dismissed: number of contacts that clicked on the "X" in the top right:

Based on the above metrics, we calculate the following:

  • Shown Rate: percentage of contacts added that were shown the message.
  • Open Rate: percentage of contacts shown the message that opened it. 
  • Reponse Rate: percentage of contacts shown the message that responded to it.

How often are reports updated?

Reports are updated every 15 minutes

Which time zone do the reports use?

Headup reports use the PST time zone. This can't currently be changed.

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