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What do the metrics mean?


Headsup reports are made up of the following metrics:

  • Added: number of contacts that entered the action.
  • Shown: number of contacts that were shown the message in its preview form:

  • Opened: number of contacts that hovered on the message to expand it:

  • Responded: number of contacts that took the action the message asked them to. This varies based on message type. For example, in the case of a "call to action" message type, a contact is counted as having responded when they click the button:

  • Dismissed: number of contacts that clicked on the "X" in the top right:

Based on the above metrics, we calculate the following:


  • Shown Rate: percentage of contacts added that were shown the message.
  • Open Rate: percentage of contacts shown the message that opened it. 
  • Reponse Rate: percentage of contacts shown the message that responded to it.

How do I view the contacts on a specific metric?

You can either export them as a spreadsheet, or add them to a list by doing the following:


Which time zone do Headsup reports use?

Headsup reports use your computer's current time zone. This ensures data is always displayed in a way that is relative to you.