How to create a guide

The Guide Book offers pre-configured, best practice Journeys that are curated by the Autopilot team and other marketing experts to help you get started. However, you can also create your own guides to share internally with your team or the Autopilot community. 

How to create a guide 

Go to the canvas of the Journey you would like to turn into a guide and then follow the steps below:


You can now create a new Journey using this guide via the Guide Book:


Any guide that you create will be available under "My Guides":


Sharing options

When you create a guide, you are provided with three sharing options:

1. Private guides: only available to your account (most common).

2. Shared guides: available to your account and the accounts you share it with. To share a guide enter the account name you want to share it with and click the share button:


You can find account name in the bottom left of an account:


3. Public guides: available to all accounts and require approval from the Autopilot team. If you choose to create a public guide, it will remain under "Pending Approval" until it has been approved by the Autopilot team. 

How to edit or delete a guide

Browse to the guide in the Guide Book, and click into it. You will see two icons, representing delete and edit respectively:


 Which assets are included in Journeys created from guides?

If a guide is used on the account it was created on, all assets (e.g. emails, lists and Headsup messages) will be populated in the Journey if they have not been deleted since the guide was created.

If a guide has been shared and is used on another account, only emails and lists will be populated.

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