Manage your Journeys using folders

By default, the Journeys app has the following tabs to help sort your Journeys:

However, if you want to sort your Journeys in other ways, you can do so using folders.

Add a new folder

To add a folder, click "Create Folder":

Give the folder a name and then click "Create Folder":

Add Journeys to a folder

To select the Journeys to add to your folder, click "Manage":

Select the Journeys you'd like to add to the folder, and then click "Add to Folder":

Select the folder, and then click "Add to Folder":

Move Journeys between folders, and remove them from folders

Once Journeys have been added to a folder, you can click "Manage" inside the folder to either move Journeys to another folder, or remove them from the folder entirely:

Journeys can only be in one folder

To keep things simple, a Journey can only be in one folder. This does not include "All Journeys", "Running", "Drafts", or "Stopped" (the "tabs") as these aren't folders; they are just sorting options.

This is why when you select Journeys from one of the tabs, you'll see the term "Add to folder" used, whereas when you select Journeys in a folder, you'll see the term "Move to folder" used.

Note that if you select the "Add to folder" option when in one of the tabs, and select a Journey that's already in a folder, the Journey will be moved from the folder it's already in, to the folder that you select.

Manage folders

To move a folder's position, rename it, or delete it, click on this icon to the right of the folder name:

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