Do I have to use an unsubscribe link in my transactional emails?

All email sent via Autopilot, whether it is transactional or not, will by default include an unsubscribe link (which can be customized if you wish to do so). 

If you'd like to apply to remove unsubscribe links from your transactional emails, you can do so here. Please note that to be eligible to apply you must:

  • have been a paying subscriber to Autopilot for at least one month;
  • have sent at least 1,000 emails;
  • be on the 10,000 contacts / month plan or higher;
  • have an overall complaint rate of less than .1%; and
  • have an overall bounce rate of less than 5%.


How do I calculate my complaint rate and bounce rate?

Go to the Reports app, and change the date range to 365 days:

You'll need the following metrics: (1) delivered (2) bounced (3) complaints

Your bounce rate is: [bounce rate] / [delivered]

In the above example: 532 / 176,266 = 0.003 (which is .3%). This passes because it is lower than the 5% threshold.

Your complaint rate is: [complaints] / [delivered] 

In the above example: 7 / 176,266 = 0.00003 (which is .003%). This passes because it is lower than the .1% threshold.

Do I really have to send 1,000 emails?

Yes. This provides us with a meaningful insight into your email performance and reputability. Remember that you can still send the exact same transactional emails prior to submitting your application, but simply with unsubscribe still turned on, until you hit the 1,000 requirement.

I've been approved, why do unsubscribe links still show in my test emails?

Even if you've been approved, unsubscribe links will still show in test transactional emails. They will not show in actual emails sent to your contacts.

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