Why aren't LeadPages forms supported?

Autopilot supports many form builders, however unfortunately we cannot support LeadPages because:

We are planning an integration with LeadPages when they have capacity to do so. In the meantime, you can help speed up this process by contacting their partnerships team to request an Autopilot integration.

Here's an example of an email you could send:



Subject line: Requesting LeadPages & Autopilot integration


Hi LeadPages team,

We are a user of both LeadPages & Autopilot and we would love to be able to capture our leads with LeadPages and nurture them with Autopilot. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to get them both to work together.

It would be amazing if you could build an integration with Autopilot, so we can use both services to capture and nurture our leads.

Voting on the item on our Feedback forum would be another great way to voice your interest in the integration/support of LeadPages.

Please note that the LeadPages support team sometimes suggests that, as a work around, you obtain the HTML for an Autopilot form. This is not an option because, as noted above, Autopilot connects to existing forms and doesn't include a form builder of its own.

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