How does Autopilot’s lead intelligence work?

Autopilot’s lead intelligence automatically supplements your leads with data so you can better segment and target them. We do this via an integration with FullContact. This included free with all Autopilot accounts and is enabled by default:


All Autopilot needs to begin researching a lead is an email address. Autopilot then uses FullContact to build a profile of that lead using information from public searches of numerous sources, public crawls, public APIs, and partners like Klout. FullContact uses proprietary algorithms to build additional connections as well as return precise data.

The information that will be added to your leads, if available, includes:

  • profile image;
  • company name;
  • title at company;
  • city;
  • state;
  • country;
  • link to Twitter profile; and
  • link to LinkedIn profile.

All information that Autopilot’s lead intelligence collects are added to your leads automatically. We'll only ever add data to a field if it's empty; no existing data will be overwritten.

If you'd like to disable lead intelligence, you can do so in Settings.

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