Lead Funnel

You can activate the Lead Funnel by tracking your web pages and forms, and by connecting to Salesforce

The Lead Funnel contains the following metrics:

  • Visitors: the number of unique visitors to tracked web pages.
  • Conversions: the number of unique submissions of tracked forms or Proactive Headsup messages.
  • Leads*: the number of leads currently in your synced Salesforce account.
  • Opportunities*: the number of opportunities currently in your synced Salesforce account.
  • Closed-Won*: the number of closed-won opportunities currently in your synced Salesforce account.

* Requires Salesforce. Learn how to connect.

There are two other important metrics in the Lead Funnel. The first is the comparison to the previous period:

So if you are refining the Lead Funnel by the last 7 days, Autopilot will compare performance in the previous 7 day period, and give you a % increase or decrease.

The second is the average days to move to the next stage in the funnel:

So in the above example, it takes 1.1 days on average from the time someone visits a tracked page, until they submit a tracked form.

If you would like to voice your support for the Leads, Opportunities and Closed Won statistics using CRMs other than Salesforce, you can do so here.

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