Action - Send Segment Event

This action allows you to send custom events to Segment. Please connect Autopilot as a Segment Destination before using it. 

Note that for email activities you can send these to Segment automatically by enabling Autopilot as a Segment Source.

How to Send a Segment Event From Autopilot

1. Add a trigger to your Journey and connect it to the Send Event action. Give the event a memorable name:


2. You can also send properties with the event. Property values can use variables from any contact field using "--" before a variable and after the variable:


How Segment Events Sent From Autopilot Handle Identify

When you send an event from Autopilot we will send an Identify along with the event:

anonymousId: '',
userId: '',
traits: {
Company: '',
Email: '',
FirstName: '',
LastName: '',
Name: '',
bislrId: '',

If you wish to pass other custom information we recommend you do this via the event's properties as demonstrated above. 

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