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Action - Update Salesforce Field

This action allows you to update a field in Salesforce for a Lead, Contact or Account record:

There's a couple of important things to note before using this action:
  • It communicates directly with Salesforce, so it works even if you haven't synced the field with Autopilot. If the field is synced with Autopilot, we recommended using Update Field action instead. 
  • For this action to work, the record needs to exist in Salesforce before they enter it. This action does not create a new record in Salesforce. So if the record is coming from an external source (e.g. a form submit), we recommend using the Assign Salesforce Lead action before using this action. Learn more about how to add Leads and Contacts to Salesforce here.

To configure this action, follow the steps below: 

Please note that because because the bi-directional sync with Salesforce occurs every 10 minutes, you may not see the update in Salesforce immediately.

Update a Field to Another Field's Value

You can use variables and fallbacks in the same format used elsewhere in the system, such as email, to update a field to another field's value (or multiple fields' values). For example, if you had a custom "Full Name" field, you could use: "--First Name-- --Last Name--". This would fill the "Full Name" field with a combination of first name and last name. 

Update a Field to Today's Date

You can use --today-- to update a Salesforce date/time field to today's date:

Please note that the field type in Salesforce must be "Date/Time" for this feature to work.