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Action - Mail Postcard

You can use Autopilot to mail postcards (yes, physical postcards!) just as easily as you can send email. The terms and conditions are listed below.

Postcards are available to users who have subscribed to a paid plan, and are billed based on how many you send, in addition to your subscription. Please review the information below before sending postcards.

Personalizing your Postcards and Postcard Size

Postcards come in two sizes: 4" x 6" and 6" x 11":

Just like email, you can insert custom variables into postcards. Just click on the personalization icon:

You can also add fallback variables to handle situations where you don't have data in a contact field for a particular contact. Just put =insertyourfallbackhere within the variable. So it comes out looking like the below (which will say "your company" if the company field is empty):

You can also choose the image that appears on the front of the postcard.

Image Type and Dimensions

The image that you upload must be a .png or .jpeg file. For dimensions:

- 4" x 6" postcards images must be: 1875px (width) by 1275px (height). Download a sample.

- 6" x 11" postcards images must be: 3375 (width) x 1875px (height). Download a sample.

There are many free online tools that can help you resize an image, such as this one (once you've uploaded your image, select "Custom Size" under "Resize Your Picture"). 

How can I see what my postcard will look like when it arrives?

If you want to be absolutely sure, the best way is to simply send yourself a test before doing a large send, and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to not wait, in the Activity Feed, you can click on the name of a postcard that has been sent, and we'll show you a PDF of exactly what will be delivered (including populated contact fields, such as name):

Here's an example of the 4" x 6" and 6" x 11" side by side:

And here's another example of the 6" x 11" (back and front):

Delivery Time

Domestic (i.e. United States) postcards are usually delivered in 1.5 to 2 weeks, and international (i.e. outside of the United States) in three weeks. Please note that this is an estimate only and times may vary.

To make life easier, we show you the estimated delivery time provided by Lob in the feed once a postcard has been accepted for delivery:

Required Contact Fields

To be eligible to receive a postcard, the contact must have:

  • Mailing Street
  • Mailing City
  • Mailing State
  • Mailing Postal Code
  • Mailing Country

Please ensure you map to these fields correctly when adding contacts to Autopilot to ensure we can deliver your postcards. 

Each contact's address will be automatically checked against Google's address API to ensure that it is valid before the postcard is processed. 


The Mail Postcard action has two outcomes: Accepted, and Not Accepted:

Accepted means the address was valid and it will be mailed. Not accepted means the address was missing or invalid, and it could not be mailed.

Duplicate Protection

Similar to email, to protect against mistakes and potential embarrassment, we have built in protection to ensure that you never send a particular postcard to the same person at the same address.

To be clear, this doesn't mean you can't send the same postcard to different people at the same address. So if you have several contacts at the same company, you can send them all their own postcard.

If for some reason you'd like to send the same postcard to the same person, at the same address (for example, if you're doing some tests to see what the postcards are like), you can either:

- duplicate the postcard; or

- add a new contact with the same address, but a different name.

From Address Verification

It is a Lob requirement that the "From Address" be verified. Since Lob charge for international address verification, we make use of a Google Address API for verification to keep things as cost effective as possible for you.

If you receive a message that your address couldn't be verified, you can visit Google's page to test your address. One tip is that Google prefers the use of "Floor" to "Level". 

Lob may still send the postcard even if it does not pass Google's Address API, so if you are confident the address is correct, we recommend sending one test postcard to confirm.

Terms and Conditions 

By sending postcards you agree that your credit card on file will be charged at the end of each month, per postcard sent, based on the following rates:

- US 4" x 6": $1.00

- International 4" x 6": $2.00

- US 6" x 11": $2.00 (note that this postcard type can only be sent with the US)

Note that will you only be charged if a recipient is deemed to be valid and the postcard is actually mailed. If the recipient's address information is invalid or they have no address you will see a feed item on their profile letting you know this, and you will not be charged.

This means, for example, you could put 10,000 contacts into a journey with a Mail Postcard action, but if only 1,000 had valid addresses, you would only be charged for those 1,000. 

Autopilot is not responsible for whether a postcard is ultimately delivered. You will be charged if a postcard is mailed regardless of whether the recipient receives it (for example, if the address is valid, but the contact you sent the postcard to is no longer at the address). 

If you would like to know how many postcards you have sent in a specific month, or in total, please contact our support team.