Trigger - Removed From List

Automatically send contacts through a Journey when they are removed from a list, using the "Removed from List" trigger. To learn how to "Remove Contacts from a List" within a Journey, rather than to start one, click here

Follow these steps to configure:

1. Drag and drop the "Added to List" trigger onto the Canvas.

2. Click on the icon  to open the configuration panel.

3. Use the drop down to select an existing list or "Add a New List"  to create a new list.

4. Once you exit the configuration panel, the trigger will update with the name of the contact list you chose.

5. Connect the Trigger to the subsequent Trigger or Action.

Remember, Triggers are used to begin a Journey and should be followed by a Condition or an Action. 

Once the "Remove from List" trigger has been configured, determine what action should take place each time a contact is removed from the selected list. In this example, the contact will receive an email and a coworker will receive a task to follow up with the customer.  


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