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Action - Create Salesforce Opportunity

This actions creates an Opportunity in Salesforce:


To configure this action, first select which owner the Opportunity will be assigned to:


Note that "Current Owner" refers to the lead's existing owner if they are already in Salesforce. If they aren't yet in Salesforce, they will be assigned based on your rules in Salesforce.

Next, enter the Opportunity name and amount (if you wish). Note that you can add personalization variables in both of these fields:



What happens when someone who is a Lead in Salesforce enters the action?

Autopilot will convert them from a Lead to a Contact, and create an Opportunity and Account (if there isn’t one already). Autopilot talks directly to Salesforce, so it performs the exact same actions that converting a lead in Salesforce would do. Learn more here.

What if someone who isn't yet in Salesforce (as a Lead or Contact) enters the action?

Autopilot will create a Contact in Salesforce, as well as an Opportunity and Account (if there wasn't one already).

What does it mean if the configuration shows "Tooling API access not available"?

The Tooling API is required to create an Opportunity in Salesforce. Access is only available in some Salesforce editions. If you do not have access we recommend contacting your Salesforce representative to discuss your options.

How quickly will the Opportunity appear in Salesforce?

Because Salesforce and Autopilot sync every 10 minutes, the Opportunity will not be created immediately in Salesforce.