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Action - Assign Salesforce Lead to Group

This action allows you to:

  • randomly assign someone an owner from a group that you define; and
  • set their Lead Source and Lead Status.

If someone was first created in Autopilot and isn't yet in Salesforce, then they will be added to Salesforce as a Lead when they enter this action. 


Before using this action, you need to first setup your groups. 

Go to Settings and under "Salesforce Sync", click "Groups". You will see all of the active users of your Salesforce account:


Click "Manage" in the top right of the screen. Select the users you want to add to the group and follow the steps below:


Now that you have created a group, and adding users to it, you can use this action in a Journey. Select the group, and then (if you wish) the Lead Source and Lead Status. The "Keep current assignment" setting will retain a Lead's owner if they already have one:


Finally, connect the action and publish your Journey:


When people enter this action, they will be randomly assigned an owner from the group.