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How does the Activity Feed work?

Dashboard Activity Feed

The Dashboard Activity Feed shows the real-time actions that your known contacts and anonymous web visitors are taking in real-time, for example when they visit your website, submit a form, or open an email that you sent them.

The Activity Feed is pictured below on the right:


Contact Activity Feed

When you view a contact, you will see a more detailed Activity Feed specific to that contact. This has the same feed items as the primary Activity Feed, as well as some additional feed items which provide information regarding the contact, such as:

  • how they were added;
  • which Journeys they've entered;
  • which lists they were added to;
  • which smart segments they've entered or left;
  • any updates to their data made via the API; and
  • any Segment events that they have triggered.

How does the Activity Feed handle anonymous visitors?

All visitors to your tracked pages are initially treated as anonymous. They are all assigned a unique number so you can see who is a returning or new visitor. 

When they become known, all previously anonymous activity will be associated with the relevant contact. Learn how a visitor goes from being anonymous to known here.