How does the Activity Feed work?

Dashboard Activity Feed

The Dashboard Activity Feed shows the actions that your known contacts, as well as anonymous web visitors, are taking in real-time:

Here are some example activities:

Contact Activity Feed

When you view a contact, you will see an Activity Feed specific to that contact. This has the same feed items as the primary Activity Feed, as well as additional information such as:

  • how they were added (e.g. via an import or Salesforce sync);
  • which Journeys they've entered;
  • which lists they were added to; and
  • when they enter or exit a smart segment. 

How does the Activity Feed handle anonymous visitors?

All visitors to your tracked pages are initially treated as anonymous. They are all assigned a unique number so you can see who is a returning vs. a new visitor. 

When they become known, all previously anonymous activity will be associated with the relevant contact. Learn how a visitor goes from being anonymous to known.

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