Action - Send Internal Notification

This action sends an email to you and your team when a contact reaches a particular point in a Journey, takes a specific action, or meets certain criteria.


For example, you could use the following Journey to notify your team when someone submits a form:


To create a notification, click on the action and click "New Notification":


The default notification type is email. Learn more about Slack notifications here.

Name the notification and click continue:


Configure the notification, including the subject line and who should receive the notification (you can add multiple recipients separated by commas):


You can add personalization variables to the subject or body by clicking the buttons below. They will be populated with the details of the contact that enters the action:


You can also use variables in the recipient email field, for example:


If you're connected to Salesforce, and would like the Lead Owner to also receive the notification (in addition to the recipients specified), turn on the "Also send to owner, if assigned" option:


Note that can also add a direct link to the contact's profile in Autopilot by adding --Contact Link-- anywhere inside the body of the email.

When you're finished configuring the notification, select it on the shape, and then publish the Journey:


How can I manage my notifications?

You can manage your notifications (including drafts, which are saved automatically) by clicking on any notification and clicking "Manage Existing":


What email will notifications be sent from?

If you've set up a custom domain notification emails will be sent from the default address you've specified in your domain settings. If you haven't setup a custom domain they will be sent from a pre-assigned domain name at our email server (i.e.

However, to make it easy for you to reply directly to a notification and start a conversation:

  • the sender's name will be the name of the contact that entered the notification; and
  • the reply-to email will be the email of the contact that entered the notification.
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