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CC or BCC an email

How do I CC or BCC an email?

Follow the steps below and then publish the email:


When using this feature, please remember to consider the number of contacts you plan to send the email to. CC and BCC are better suited to lower volume, drip emails as opposed to large sends (e.g. a newsletter). If you were to CC or BCC a large send you may send more emails to an inbox than it can accept.

Both CC and BCC support multiple recipients. Separate each recipient with a comma:



Do the CC and BCC fields support personalization variables?

Yes. Here's an example:


Learn more about personalization variables here.

Do emails sent via CC or BCC count towards my email metrics?

No, emails sent via CC or BCC are not counted. Only email events associated with the recipient will count.

Do test emails get sent to the CC and BCC addresses?

No, they don't. 

Can people unsubscribe from emails they receive via CC or BCC?

This question is answered here.

Is there a limit to how many people I can CC or BCC?

Yes, there is a combined limit of 10 recipients. 

If I use a personalization variable in a link, will it be filled in emails received via CC or BCC?

No, not currently. You can vote for this idea here.