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How can I create and manage multiple accounts?

Autopilot supports multiple accounts under the same login. This is helpful for those of you that:

  • are running agencies; 
  • have multiple divisions inside your organization that want to use Autopilot; or
  • need an Autopilot test account (often called a "sandbox").

Follow the instructions below to create and manage multiple accounts. 

1. Sign-up for a trial account

Important: go to Step 3 if you already have an account and just want to add another one.

Create your first free trial account here. Note that the organization name you enter will become the Autopilot account name, so please take this into account when completing the form. For example, if you're an agency you may wish to use the client's organization name.

2. Logout of your account

Click on your profile image in the left bottom of the screen and select "Logout":


You'll notice the "View Accounts" link. Don't click it just yet though; you need to finish the next steps. 

3. Create another account

Go back to the free trial form and create another account. Ensure that you use the same email address as your original account. You will be shown this message:


Click the "head over to login" link.

4. Login to your existing account

Login using your existing email and password. You will then be taken to your new account.

5. Switching accounts

Now you can switch accounts by going to to the account selection page, or by clicking on your profile image in the bottom left of the screen and then the "View Accounts" link (see Step 2).