Trigger - Heap Event

Please note that you need to be on Heap's Enterprise plan to use this trigger. 

This trigger allows you to add a contact to a Journey using a Heap event. You need email as a user property in Heap in order to use it. 

To get started, create a Journey and drop the Heap Event trigger on the canvas. Enter the event name, and then connect it to the action(s) you'd like to perform:


Once you have published the Journey please contact the Heap support team who will complete the necessary setup on their end. Once they have done so, you will begin to see events in the Activity Feed confirming that contacts are successfully entering your Journey:



Can I trigger Journeys using Heap Segments?

Not currently, however if you'd like to see this feature we encourage you to raise your support for it with your Heap account manager.

Can I stream Autopilot activities to Heap?

Yes, you can stream Autopilot activities to Heap as events. Learn more.

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